My Holy Rosary 我的圣经(有声读物)

OS X 10.6
▲△▲△▲ My Holy Rosary ▲△▲△▲ 你可以用这个应用程序的帮助和你的电脑祈祷念珠,你可以按照祈祷,并在视频中的奥秘,你可以有背诵在英语整个念珠一个声音。 您必须设置自动变速的能力,因此启动时的念珠将与读取所有的祈祷和奥秘到底的声音先走了,这样你就可以专注只有祈祷和反省。 您可以调整读取祈祷和奥秘,也是它的体积声音的速度,从而获得最合适的模式,以你祈祷玫瑰圣母的方式。 还有,显示你的你每天背诵祈祷时间,并通过点击你会听到背诵你所选择的祈祷声祈祷的图像数量的部分。 玫瑰圣母和声音背诵祈祷是英文和意大利提供。 IN ENGLISH: Recite the rosary with the help of this application and your computer, you can follow the prayers and the mysteries in the video and you can listen a voice that recites the entire rosary in English. You will be able to set an automatic shift, so when switched on the rosary will go ahead with the voice that recites all the prayers and the mysteries, so you can focus fully on the prayer and introspection. You can adjust the speed of the voice that reads the prayers and the mysteries and also its volume, so you can obtain the most appropriate way for you to pray the Holy Rosary. There is also a section that shows you how many times you have recited every prayer and by clicking on the image of the prayer you will hear the voice that reads the selected prayer. The Holy Rosary and the voice that recites the prayers is available in English and in Italian.