My Kitchen – Menu & Recipes

OS X 10.9.0
Good cooking is a fundamental part of our lives, and for lovers of good food, or those looking for the perfection of the recipe even if they are not professional chefs, My Kitchen - Menu & Recipes is born. The time to write down the ingredients on a piece of paper, or prepare the favorite recipe that will make you look good with your friends, is done! My Kitchen - Menu & Recipes will ask you to create your own database of your favorite recipes, or to customize the most famous ones. with some simple settings you can define the courses, the wines and the drinks as well as the origins of your recipe. List all the ingredients, and prepare the recipe. Define the calories, the cost per serving, the cooking time and the number of people. The stars will help you decide how difficult the recipe is to perform. It is also possible to indicate the recipe as a special recipe, in order to be able to search it more easily in the database. In addition, My Kitchen - Menu & Recipes has a very useful calendar of events to mark the most special dates or simply to know how your friends will arrive for dinner and what to do with them. All recipes can be printed! My Kitchen - Menu & Recipes a small price for a great help in the kitchen.