My Little Bakery

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My Little Bakery is every little baker's dream come true! Pick your favorite baked confection and cover it in all your favorite candies and sweets! Tasty Features + FULL 3D BAKERY - Create your own unique delicious concoctions! + ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Sprinkle on as many toppings as you'd like in any amount! + REAL LIFE PHYSICS - Watch as the sweet candies you add bounce and tumble off your decadent desserts! + ANIMATED BAKER - Sandy Sweets loves watching you help her create magical baked treats! + HD GRAPHICS - Gorgeous High Definition graphics look so real your stomach will be rumbling in no time! Download My Little Bakery to make your baking dreams come true! Be sure to check out our adorable Virtual Pets too! Learn math and vocabulary with the Virtual Pet Robot, or snuggle up with the adorable Virtual Pet Kitty Cat! Follow us on Facebook too! Big thanks to Kevin MacLeod for providing great music: Fluffing A Duck by Kevin MacLeod (