My Media Collection

OS X 10.8
Introducing My Media Collection - track which books you own, in a modern way. My Media Collection is the ultimate application for keeping track of the books you own - it’s your media library, consolidated at your fingertips. Add books - then view them in a simple, elegant way. With My Media Collection, you are never more than a tap away from your entire media library. NEVER BUY DUPLICATES AGAIN, WITH OUR EASY TO USE APP FOR iOS. When you are out and about, it’s always useful to know what books you own definitively, so that you don’t buy duplicates. With My Media Collection, you can simply add your collection of books, and view what you own from your fingertips. THE ULTIMATE WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR ENTIRE MEDIA LIBRARY. My Media Collection was designed for people with dozens, or hundreds of books to keep track of. Decide which book you want to read - and then find it. Please note: My Media Collection does not feature your content, it merely tracks what you own. ADD YOUR BOOKS INSTANTLY. Simply take or import a picture of a book - add its name, , ISBN (book), synopsis and author name (book) - it’s as simple as that. View all of your collection at a glance and add new items as you acquire them. My Media Collection - keeping track of the media you own, one tap at a time. - Track the books you own; add the ISBN, synopsis, author’s name and name of the book/ - See your entire media collection at a glance. Download the My Media Collection app today and start to track books you own!