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Wonder how much $$$ you truly have? Most of us don't know our NETWORTH -- the most important number in personal finance!NETWORTH is one simple number, yet it tells you very quickly how well you are doing financially.My Money helps you track your networth easily. All you have to do is to enter all your accounts & balances.NETWORTH = ASSETS - LIABILITIES1. Assets such as Bank Savings, Checking Account, Cash, Investments, Bonds, Fixed Deposit, Valuable Antique, Properties, Endowment Plan 2. Liabilities such as Home Mortgage, Personal Loan, Tuition/Student/Education Loan, Car LoanWe strongly recommend that you track the balances every 3 months. Watch as it grow!Key features:- Support 100+ currencies with updated exchange rate - Add your custom currencies such as BITCOIN - Add as many asset and liability accounts - Import past networths easilyTired of expense tracker apps? We feel the pain of tracking every spending. But personal finance & budgeting need not be that tedious. It takes much less effort to update your account balances in My Money app.We hope you can take this lifelong journey with us.