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Do you feel bored with your OSX wallpaper? We know that feeling and that’s why My Wallpapers - Refresh Time was born. With a sample collection of 5 beautiful 4K wallpapers and the possibility to add any images you have on the disk to the collection, you’ll never get bored again. Set up the time period in which each wallpaper will be active, and what wallpapers will be eligible to be selected. Additionally, you can randomize the selection or not. Features: Change OSX wallpapers to a collection of your choice Set up the time period in which each wallpaper will be active Randomize wallpapers from the collection Launch at startup How to use: Just launch the app and it is already ready to go, with the default wallpaper collection . To change the settings of the app, click the MyWallpapers option, located on the Menu Bar, then click Options. Check the shuffling and launch at startup boxes if you want these options. Add images to the existing collection with the Add Images button. Set up a new collection with the Load images button (note: this WILL delete all your selected collection and replace it for the files you pick) Remove all or the selected wallpapers from the list by clicking the Delete All and Delete Selected buttons