My World Clock

OS X 10.10
My World Clock is an easy way to see time of different places in the same window. It lets you access time from multiple location in the form of a clock (both analog and digital) on a simple App layout. You can resize the app window according to your convenience and all the clocks will be arranged automatically inside the app window, given the space they require. With this app it becomes very convenient to track time from different places at the same time, in the same window. All the location and clocks added in the app will be saved in the app and users can start the app from where they left. You can open multiple app window and place them on different monitor with multiple clocks. App highlights: -Easy App user interface with simple app operation. -Add multiple clocks by searching cities using the search bar. -Click on a clock and drag to change its place on the window. -Define a Keyboard hotkey to open faster. -Increase or decrease app interface opacity. -Find settings for hiding Dock icon in App Preference. -Find settings to open app at log in in App Preference. -Open app from Status menu Bar -Add custom title to each clock and save in the app. Note: To make the app work, you need to have a working internet connection in your Mac. Without internet connection My World Clock will fail to load. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet before you begin with the app. Thank you. Disclaimer: My World Clock was not affiliated with TimeAndDate which is itself trademark.