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Burn your videos to disc with Corel® MyDVD® Pro and add customizable menus, submenus, chapters and soundtracks. Export directly from Final Cut Pro® X or drag-and-drop videos from your computer to create professional-quality DVDs with themed templates. MyDVD Pro is the perfect companion for burning discs from Final Cut Pro. From the makers of best-selling Roxio® Toast®, MyDVD Pro is the easiest way to give your projects the polished finish they deserve in three easy steps. Step 1:Export directly from Final Cut Pro, including chapter markers OR drag-and-drop your videos into MyDVD Pro Step 2: Customize templates, menus, chapters, backgrounds, soundtracks and more Step 3: Preview and click to burn to DVD, AVCHD, Blu-Ray Disc*, or create an ISO file Version 1.2.4 includes: Colorful themed templates with customizable menu text, colors, and backgrounds Export directly from Final Cut Pro or drag-and-drop media into MyDVD Pro Import chapters from Final Cut Pro, insert automatic chapter markers or create your own chapters Burn to standard and high definition video discs with menus for easy navigation and playback on your entertainment system or computer Burn HD content to standard DVDs for playback on most Blu-ray players Preview your project before burning to disc Supports popular video formats Save as Disc Image (ISO) Important Note: This version only supports os is 10.11 (El Capitan) or later *Blu-ray plug-in purchased separately Additional templates available for purchase If you encounter problems installing or using MyDVD Pro, please contact us at