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MyEmbroids: the simple embroidery collection browser! Do you have hundreds of embroidery files and would like to get an overview of your designs? Maybe some of those designs are locked in zip files and you would have to open each and every one just to know what's inside! With MyEmbroids you can easily browse your whole design collection without having to open designs individually! MyEmbroids lets you view the files on your computer and supports the following embroidery formats: JEF, PES, PEC, VP3, DST, XXX, EXP, HUS, VIP. Is your format not listed? Send us a message to, we would love to support your format as well! Features - Browse your design collection - Realtime preview of your designs - ZIP support: ZIPs can be opened and viewed just liked regular folders - Click on design to get more info, such as stitch count, colors etc. - Quickly save designs to your USB stick or other locations - Option to rename or delete files - Right click on a file to locate in Finder Do you have a question or feedback? We love to hear from you! You can reach us at Thank you!