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★★★★★ MyFrames(for iPad and iPhone) now is ready for sale, you can search with "MyFrames" ★★★★★ MyFrames helps you combine multiple photos into eye-catching frames that you can save to your mac. With adjustable frames, borders, rounded corners, patterns and customized background, you will really always have a unique look. MyFrames is an easy to use and powerful app for you. Drag photos into app --> Choose a frame/layout --> Change border/background/size/rounded corner... --> Save it. Main Features: ♥ 9 adjustable layouts ♥ Support 3 photos ♥ Rounded corners ♥ Easy color picker for background color and border color - it will remember your color history ♥ Support pattern ♥ Change the border size and color ♥ Change the shadow radius ♥ Change the margin and space ♥ Zoom and move the photos ♥ Support ratios 1:1 3:2 2:3 4:3 3:4 16:9 16:10 ♥ Easy to use -- DO NOT need any document or help! - drag photos into canvas to add photos - drag photo onto exist photo to replace it - drag a exist photo onto the other one to swap the two photos - drag photo out of app to remove it - magnify photo with gesture or double click - auto adapt to frame with right click ♥♥ If you are interested in the following features, please check out our PRO version - MyFrames - Unlimited adjustable layouts ( more photos, more layouts ) - Random layout helps you make a unique look - Share to Fackbook - Use customized background - Use customized size - Support unlimited photos - Fully adjustable layouts ♥♥ Our apps in iOS Air2Files - View your Mac files from iPad or iPhone easily with WIFI or LAN. From now on, you can browse your Mac in bed or sofa with leisure. Have a happy time, Get it today! Support: Please don't hesitate to contact us: iwebvisitor@gmail.com