myPoint Light S

OS X 10.7
Modern computers with multiple high resolution displays present us with the "where is my mouse" problem. myPoint solves it using three different techniques - a momentary or permanent mouse locator, a permanent crosshair and a permanent mouse halo. • Momentary mouse locator is a visual effect active up to few seconds. It can be an animated or static ring. • Permanent mouse locator is a static ring only. • Permanent crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position. • Permanent mouse halo highlights the mouse cursor using an image shown around it. A free online halo gallery is available. All tools are highly customizable: geometry, transparency, animation speed, hotkeys, mouse gesture, events. Mouse Locator reveals the mouse cursor position with a gently animated or static ring. • Activation: - Hotkey combination. - Single modifier key. - Mouse gesture. - Mouse movement between screens. - Mouse movement after a period of inactivity. - On mouse click. - On mouse drag. • Customization: - Colors and opacity. - Size and thickness. - Animated or static. - Animation speed and repetition. - Momentary or permanent. • The locator module can be disabled. Crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position. • Visible on all monitors or only on monitor with mouse pointer. • Customizable performance, gauge, color, transparency, center and offset from mouse. • Hotkey to toggle the tool. Mouse Halo is an image permanently shown around the mouse cursor. The classic halo is a ring surrounding the cursor. However any image can be used as a halo source. Even more the image can be positioned aside of the cursor. A free online halo gallery is accessible from the preferences panel - an easy way to import new halos. The user can create its own halos too. • Activation: - Hotkey to toggle the halo visibility. - Hotkey to show the next halo from the predefined halo set. • Customization: - Size and opacity. - Rotation speed and direction. - Offset from mouse position. - Flip, shrink or cut the image. - Select preferred halos in so called halo set. • Preinstalled halo pack. - Classic: daisy chain, ancient ornaments, fan, amber mosaic, ring shadow. - Reading lines: thin, thick, stick shadow. - Rulers: horizontal, vertical. - Crosshair, big arrow. - Diagonals: two stars, twin spark. • Free online halo gallery. - The gallery is accessible from preferences panel. - Browse & click to import new halos. - Never-ending update of new halos. • Unlimited user created halos. • The halo module can be disabled. • General features: - Tools are visible on all monitors and in full screen. - Customizable hotkeys to handle tools. - Hotkey to show or hide application menu in menu bar extras. - Can start automatically at user login. - Common Preferences panel for all settings. - Support multiple users, screens and desktops. - Built on Apple's security paradigm sandboxing - reducing the threat of rogue code and malicious software. • Notes: - When myPoint is running, no icon is shown in the Dock. The control is through a menu in menu bar extras. - myPoint neither changes the shape of mouse pointer nor hides it. - Read user experience tips on our web site. - myPoint is designed for maximum control and features. If you prefer simplicity please consider Simple Mouse Locator. - If you have an inquiry or need a help to tune up our app, or just want to share with us your feedback please drop us a line at We will do our best to answer you in 24 hours.