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myPoint Pro combines six tools in one: Crosshair, Grille, Coordinates, Mouse Locator, Mouse Halo and Heavy Shade. All tools are customizable. myPoint will show its information above all other windows and applications, even when another application is active or in full screen. • Crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position. - Visible on all monitors or only on monitor with mouse pointer. - Customizable performance, gauge, color, transparency, center, offset from mouse. - Hotkey to toggle the tool. • Grille displays grille by horizontal and vertical lines. - Visible on all or mouse monitor. - Two modes: Follow mouse and Pin. - Customizable gauge, aperture, color, transparency, offset from mouse. - Hotkeys to change aperture size. - Hotkey to toggle the tool. - Hotkey to construct the grille from specified bands number, aka Rule of Thirds. • Coordinates tool displays information about current mouse position in menu bar and in a flying panel. - Five origin points to calculate cursor position: left top, left bottom, right bottom, right top and custom. - Set custom origin by hotkey. - Move mouse cursor to origin point by hotkey. - Input panel to set precisely mouse position. - Coordinates ruler: measure the size while dragging with mouse. - Copy to clipboard. - Format X-Y or Y-X. - Customizable colors, size, transparency, behavior. - Hotkeys to toggle and handle the tool. • Heavy Shade allows you to adjust the brightness of your monitors. The tool doesn't fiddle with display settings - it places translucent layers on top of desktop and other applications. - Dim all monitors with common shade. - Additional per-screen shade for up to eight monitors. - Shade level and color. - Not limited shade level - up to 100%. - Safety timeout: total shading above 90% is treated as heavy and will be decreased after the timeout elapsed. - Change the shade level without leaving the active application - via hotkeys or from a menu in menu bar extras. - Dim other screens at 100% black except the mouse screen. - Eye care. - Shade assistant will track active applications and will toggle the shade automatically depending on user preferences. - Customizable levels, colors, timeout. - Hotkeys to toggle and handle the tool. • Mouse Locator reveals the mouse position with a gently animated or static ring. - Activation: hotkey combination; single modifier key; mouse gesture, click or drag; mouse movement between screens or after a period of inactivity. - Customization: colors, opacity, size, thickness, animation, animated or static, momentary or permanent. - Can be disabled. • Mouse Halo is an image permanently shown around the mouse cursor. The classic halo is a ring surrounding the cursor, but the image can be positioned aside of the cursor. The user can use any image to create its own halos. A free online halo gallery is accessible from the preferences panel. - Hotkey to toggle current halo. - Hotkey to show next halo from a predefined halo set. - Customization: size, opacity, rotation, offset from mouse, flip, resize or cut the image. - Organize preferred halos in so called halo set. - Preinstalled halo pack. - Free online halo gallery. - Unlimited user created halos. - Can be disabled. • General features: - Tools are visible on all monitors and in full screen. - Customizable hotkeys. - Hotkey to show or hide application menu in menu bar extras. - Can start automatically at user login. - Common Preferences panel for all settings. - Support multiple users, screens and desktops. - Built on Apple's security paradigm sandboxing - reducing the threat of rogue code and malicious software. • Notes: - When myPoint is running, no icon is shown in the Dock. The control is through a menu in menu bar extras. - myPoint neither changes the shape and color of mouse pointer nor hides it. - If you have an inquiry or need a help, please drop us a line at We will reply in 24 hours.