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DNA sequence analysis made easy. MySequence helps you visualise, analyse, and document your DNA sequencing reactions. MySequence reads the common .ab1, .abi, and .scf sequencing file formats. Sequences are automatically translated to immediately check the results of cloning or mutation reactions. Visualise raw sequencing data to troubleshoot your sequencing reactions, search nucleotide or protein databases online, export beautifully annotated PDFs with your data, and even correct possible mistakes of the base-calling algorithm: MySequence helps you manage your sequencing trace files with ease and will become an indispensable part of your molecular biology toolbox. MySequence also reads FASTQ or QSEQ files (plain of gZipped) and allows you to quickly visualise basic quality parameters. In addition, several options for processing (subsampling, trimming, adapter removal) and export are available. Of course, you can directly visualise the results your processing pipeline and compare the processed data to the raw reads. FASTQ analysis and processing is built around the fast and robust seqTK framework.