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nControl™ is a tool designed for businesses to reinforce how their content is being presented, while still providing presenters the flexibility to customize the order of their presentations within predefined rules set by the content owners. Excellent for regulated industries, this tool allows presenters to sync slides and other materials on their devices for use while offline, and allows the content to be presented online or offline. Videos, PDF files, and fully-interactive HTML5 presentations are also supported in nControl™. Presenters who wish to customize the content can do so by moving slides and removing or adding optional slides. Business rules can be put into place requiring some slides to be shown and even locking slides into place. Additionally, slides can be grouped together so that if they are moved or removed, they must be done so as a group, not individually. For content owners, nControl™ provides reporting metrics including user activity and slide usage data. For more information, contact Avant Healthcare at 317.208.3600 today.