NDI Recorder

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NDI Recorder is a desktop NDI Video Monitor with a built in recorder able to capture your NDI IP Video Sources directly into MP4 files on disk. Various capture presets write .mp4 files with H.264 video and AAC audio codecs, at video rates between 2 and 16 MegaBits/second. NDI Monitor allows monitoring of broadcast NDI Protocol IP Video Sources using a macOS computer. Audio is also monitored, and sources with an alpha channel are keyed against a checkerboard background. NDI Recorder automatically finds all NDI sources on the local area network and adds them to the source selection popup menu. There is also a checkbox to use a Low Bandwidth NDI connection to the source and an audio mute setting. You can change how Tally is returned to the NDI Source using the menu items. NB: Note that Fill and Key NDI Sources will be recorded as fill only.