NDI Source Multi

OS X 10.10
NDI Source Multi converts multiple ports from your BlackMagic Design video interface to individual NDI IP Video Sources. if you want to add SDI or HDMI inputs to your TriCaster or other NDI equipped vision mixer, or other NDI software, NDI Source Multi provides an easy to use, low latency and high quality solution to convert multiple SDI or HDMI feeds into individual NDI Streams. A powerful remote web interface allows control of NDI Source naming and provides a thumbnail preview of all channels. Requires: Compatible BlackMagic Design video interface which supports automatic detection of video format, such as DeckLink Duo 2, Quad 2. Supports multiple cards. NB: For a single channel version which includes a source image monitor and ability to manually select format (for devices like UltraStudio 3D which don't support auto format), use the regular version of NDI Source instead: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ndi-source/id1097524095?ls=1&mt=12