Neon Starlight

OS X 10.10
Available for OSX and iOS! What could the future hold for civilisation? Who will help us on our path through the stars and what challenges await? Set in the distant future, NEON STARLIGHT is a journey with a utopian society harvesting energy from starlight. You play NEON, an intrepid maintenance droid, exploring levels full of puzzles designed to challenge and entertain! Clear particle leaks and pollucite crystals to activate the ender portal but don’t run out of energy. As levels progress additional challenges unfold. Find out how SolVest can leap into the future with the help of the mysterious Emerald Scout Team and the Cubix Quantum Computer! ____________________________________________ . IMMERSIVE 3D world to explore. . Unlock 18 levels. . Switch CAMERA views in game. . Context sensitive help - simply press 'h' at any time . UPLIFTING backing track: get in the zone! ____________________________________________ ENJOY exploring the intrepid universe of NEON STARLIGHT and tell us what you think! TWITTER: @NeonStarlightAp WEB: