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nessMediaCenter enables you to use your Mac as your primary media center: • Easy to use with a clean look and feel • Direct access to movie / picture folder and volumes • Support of Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes, Miro and Photos App media including DRM (bought or rented iTunes movies and TV shows) • Access to DLNA / UPnP media server and its media (pictures and videos) • Comfortable selection of DVDs, EyeTV movies, PDF documents, pictures and videos Media center and media presentations can be controlled by Apple remote control, "NV Remote II" app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, trackpad, magic mouse or keyboard. Home entertainment as its purest - comfortable and relaxing, from the couch, armchair, bed or directly at the Apple computer. The media center offers the following features: • Choice of background color, selection color and font color / size • Activation / deactivation of content • Ad hoc construction of playlists with pictures, movies, PDF documents • Presentation of this playlist or single media • iTunes control to switch music playlists / tracks or start / stop playback (including informations of the current track) • Mark of unplayed movies which are stored in iTunes (if iTunes is started). • Automatic dimming of the screen after five minutes • Optional automatic display of the media center at application start • Optional computer shutdown by selection of exit "Access Permissions" allows it to grant access permission to volumes and folders outside the movie and picture folder. Through "Movie Info" a cover / preview and description can be set for DVDs, movies and media shows. For unprotected movies which are stored in iTunes, the last play position will be resumed and saved on exit (if iTunes is started). During a presentation several features are available: • Stop / continue playback • Increase playback speed (up to 64x) • Endless playback • Sort by name, path or random • Go to (first / next / previous media; step forward / backward) • Switch fullscreen (fullscreen / window display) • Aspect ratio (4:3; 16:9; 21:9) • Zoom • Language selection (if available) • DVD: selection of the default language (including automatic selection of audio passthrough if available) The video playback is based on "AV Foundation" and supports the following video formats: MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, Apple ProRes. Video formats like AVI, DivX or MKV are not supported and must be converted before. iTunes DRM (bought or rented movies and TV shows) use iTunes for playback. Supported DLNA / UPnP media server: DS214play, Fritz!Box NAS, Kodi, Plex, PS3, Serviio, Twonky, TVMobili. On the support web page, a comparison of the 3 available versions (32 bit, 64 bit and AppStore) can be viewed and demos can be downloaded. And at "Tips & tricks", (among others) a description can be found how to enable computer shutdown or how to load shared iTunes libraries automatically. If you have any questions, problems or improvements then please do not hesitate to contact us.