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Net Radar monitors the status of your VPN connection and shows the current geographical location of the public IP address of your Internet connection in the menu bar. Net Radar will warn you immediately when your connection is no longer private. FEATURES • Runs in the menu bar, showing the current geographical location of your Internet connection. • The color of the displayed location indicates the status of your VPN connection. • Clicking on the menu bar item will display an information popup. • The popup shows your external IP address, the location of that address on a map and the status of your VPN connection. • Can be automatically launched at startup of your Mac. • Works with all types of remote VPN connections. • Checks your VPN connection internally and externally. • The type of warning can be configured to be a simple notification, a modal dialog, or as a popup. • Does not interfere with your Internet connection or VPN setup. • Includes a Setup Assistant that leads you through a few simple steps to set up Net Radar. • Can also be used to just monitor the location of your public IP address, without VPN verifications. SUPPORT We really want to make Net Radar the best VPN monitor available. If you encounter any problems with this app, then please have a look at our support site at If this does not help you, then please contact us directly at If you enjoy using Net Radar, then please leave a positive review at the Mac App Store. This will really help other people to find this app and it will help the developer to continue adding new features and improvements. NOTE Net Radar monitors the operational status of your VPN connection, based on system events and empirical data. • Tested with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and IKEv2. • Net Radar does not include a VPN service. • Net Radar is not able to check whether your connection is encrypted or not. • Net Radar is not able to detect IPv6 and DNS leaks.