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Nevron Writer is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust document processing for a wide variety of text formats (TXT, RTF, DOCX, EPUB, HTML and PDF). The main design goal of Nevron Writer is to provide you with robust and fast text and document processing tool that has an intuitive and easy to work with user interface. Nevron Writer can also be used as a document (HTML, RTF, DOCX, EPUB) to PDF converter as well as an EPUB reader and writer. Nevron Writers supports different font sizes and styles, bullets, superscript / subscript, tables, sections, headers, footers, bullet lists, right to left languages, complex scripts, and others. Moreover, you can customize the layout of your page by applying colors to the background or to the font, adding frames, or stroke to the letters. Other options such as copy or paste text are available in the File menu or at the touch of the shortcut keys. Supported file formats include TXT, DOCX, EPUB, RTF, HTML, PDF and others.