NHS3100 Temperature Logger

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This APP demonstrates how an NHS3100 NTAG SmartSensor can be used for temperature monitoring. Besides this macOS APP, one needs to have an NFC USB dongle and the NHS3100 starter kit with the demo board. Other supported demonstration boards will become available. Through the NFC interface of the USB dongle, the temperature status can be checked. The NTAG SmartSensor range of ICs extends NXP's NFC portfolio of passive NFC tags and smart electronic devices. NTAG SmartSensor devices are single-chip solutions combining the now ubiquitous NFC smartphone connectivity with autonomous sensing, data processing and validation, and logging. The NTAG SmartSensor is easy to use in an application by simply adding an NFC antenna and a battery. The devices are also versatile and can be easily combined with other companion chips like radios or sensor solutions. This APP interacts with the NXP's NHS3100 IC, optimized for temperature monitoring and logging. The temperature sensor offers an absolute accuracy of 0.3C. Each chip comes pre-calibrated and NXP provides a certificate with NIST traceability, easing the use of this IC for medical and pharmaceutical applications. NXP delivers for the NHS3100 a starter kit which is available for both macOS and Windows. Through this starter kit, developers can implement their own use cases, starting with this basic use case of temperature logging. NXP delivers the example code for both this macOS APP and the corresponding firmware for the NHS3100. The starter kit can be ordered via the NXP website and NXP’s distribution partners worldwide. Visit https://www.nxp.com/pages/:NHS31XX_SERIES for more information.