Nimble Commander Pro

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Nimble Commander Pro is a dual-pane file manager with classic design. You may ask, “why should I use it?” Because NC provides the familiar Mac swiftness and is specially designed for power users, including software developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals. Take a look at what the new version of NC offers to you: • Nearly instantaneous launch, small memory footprint, and blazing-fast operation. • Ability to connect to remote FTP, SFTP and WebDAV servers, Dropbox service, including remote files editing. • Powerful batch renaming. • Support for external tools. • Browsing archives (zip, tar, bz2, gz, pax, cpio, lha, ar, cab, mtree, iso, warc, jar, 7z, rar) like folders. • Classic tabbed dual-pane interface with different presentation modes: the traditional UI and the monospaced, text-based UI. • Configurable keyboard shortcuts. • Background operations processing. • Font and color customization. • Different file panel viewing modes: short, medium, full, and wide. • Instant files searching and filtering as you type. • File editing in editors of your choice, based on file extensions. • Built-in file attributes editor and file viewer with textual/hexadecimal presentation. • File search by name, size, or content, showing results as a file panel. • Archives creation. • Extended attributes modification. • Lightweight search with Spotlight. • QuickLook support. • System and volumes information, showing the processes list as a folder. • Checksum calculation. • Full keyboard access with the fastest way to handle file management tasks. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email them at or visit the forum at