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Nimbuzz is everything you need to communicate for free. Here is what you get: -FREE CALLS - HD quality calls to all your Nimbuzz contacts. -FREE MESSAGING - Unlimited free chat. No extra costs. -ALL IN ONE - Connect to Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger,Google Talk and have all your friends in one list. -FREE GROUP CHAT – chat with up to 25 friends at a time -SIP VOIP ACCOUNTS - Connect to any of our existing SIP partners or to any other SIP provider. Nimbuzz is super popular and our +80 million users prove that. Nimbuzz can also be installed on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and any other popular smartphone or feature phone, so you can invite all your friends to join your network. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Good news, we are also there, *cough, cough* :D Thanks in advance for downloading Nimbuzz!