Ninja Rabbit Pro

OS X 10.7
Ninja Rabbit: The heartthrob of the Land of the Brilliants is out to win a contest to prove his jump-abilities. He has to run past 60 challenging stages of the dark forest and collect gems on the way to achieve his goal. Charlie has to avoid obstacles in his path to reach the winning post in each level in certain time. Crashing into the obstacles will slow him down, but gathering gems and food objects will maintain his speed. Magnet- Helps to attract gems for some time Invisible mode- This power up protects from obstacles and boosts speed. Head start- Helps to recover by increasing speed and protects from obstacle crash. Bonus levels- After every 5 levels the true spirit of the Ninja Rabbit is unlocked with his true spirit as he collects as many gems as he can. Mystery Box- A box full of treasures. Features: •Target oriented app •Multiple power ups to make game play engaging •Interesting story line •Cute bunny as the hero •Pleasant background & music Note