Ninja Trip

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Ninja Trip the ultimate action game, combines the adrenaline of platform - style games with the action of 2d shooters , challenging levels ,the game gets harder as you reach further levels so be ready and have fun with the amazing gameplay , effects and the ninja's metal weapon . --THIS VERSION CONTAINS MORE LEVELS-- -- THIS VERSION DOES NOT CONTAIN ADS AT ALL-- --NEW FEATURES COMES TO THIS VERSION -- you will tackle obstacles and level up after collecting the required xps required for each level, this fight has no tanks or soldiers but it has orcs with axes but do not worry your magical metal weapon will destroy them. ninja trip was released on 2017 the Ninja needs to go through this dangerous and long adventure to kill enemies and thier boss to save his imprisoned friend long ago, you will have to kill as much enemies as possible to gain experience points in order to level up and get stronger, more health is gained each level . your enemies are stupid but very dangerous so you will have to find a way to use their stupidity to your advantage, let your ninja go and show them who are the warriors. 12 stages