No TV Signal Screensaver

OS X 10.11
The days when you could see test card image on regular bases are far behind us. But if you sometimes feel nostalgic and you want to remember those days this is the best screensaver for your. It displays current time from your Mac so you don't have to make any setup before using it. Analog clock has support for continuous seconds hand travel and for regular tick-tock seconds hand travel. On the other hand screensaver also supports digital look if you prefer digits over analog clock. High quality graphics takes care that clock looks excellent on every display. Screensaver will wait for your inactivity and automatically start when it detects system idle. If you are impatient you can start it manually to. **** NOTE **** Screensavers that install in your macOS Settings aren't supported on the App Store so after the purchase, screensaver will be visible inside Applications folder, not inside macOS Settings.