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Notepad: Organize Notes is very flexible way to organize notes, thoughts ideas, tasks, errands or anything you want to capture using tags We specialize in providing you with the most intuitive and easiest way to access your notes when you need it Main features - Easy to read big fonts with simple and clean interface - Group notes into notebooks using tags - Sync notes across devices - Organize important notes and notebooks by reordering - Full text search across all notes or within a notebook - Convert any note to a todo task - Copy or Share notes with ease - Use Markdown including images, links and code with syntax highlighting - Add reminders to any note or todo task - As not all notes or thoughts are hierarchical in nature, we allow you to put same note into multiple notebooks Examples of how you can use this app 1. List of tasks, errands (plan a trip, prepare for conference talk or create a groceries list) 2. Daily journal, your next book 3. Build an organized knowledge base of all your ideas 4. Plan your next big renovation 5 Bookmark or add a link to webpage within notes