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NotePad Pro is the most powerful tool to take notes on the go!! One of the best note taking apps for the iPad now also available for Mac. You can take notes, draw sketches and record audio. You can easily share your notes, drawings and recordings with everyone. Notes and drawings are send as PDF documents, audio recordings are send in standard Wav format. Use NotePad Pro to take notes everywhere, excellent for students, professionals, businessman, anyone!! NotePad Pro Features: 3 different ways of taking notes (text, drawing and audio recordings) Choose 6 different paper styles Color selection for drawing Select the size of the pencil and eraser Resume or overwrite an existing recording Email your notes in PDF format Email your audio recording in Wav format Clear mode (Clear Text, Clear Drawing, Clear Text & Drawing) Coming soon iCloud support to sync all your files with NotePad Pro for iPad. BUY IT TODAY AT THE PROMOTIONAL PRICE!!