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NouveauPG is the result of almost two years of research, design, and development of a PGP client that was accessible to less technical users that desire strong encryption. Every inconsequential option has been removed from the user interface and only information that is actually needed to verify the validity of a public key certificate is displayed. NouveauPG automatically uses the best encryption methods for your data and is compatible with all OpenPGP clients. Using NouveauPG, you can send and receive secure messages to anyone using any program you can copy and paste from. NouveauPG easily integrates with existing e-mail, forum, and social media systems. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot import private keys from another program and use them to decrypt messages using NouveauPG. Check out a graphical tutorial at to see how easy NouveauPG is to use. (You can go through all the features in 15 minutes!)