NuClear Folders

OS X 10.12
If you use some folders as temporary storages and got tired of manually cleaning up them from unneeded files, keeping the ones you still use then NuClear Folders can do it for you. NuClear Folders automatically cleans the folders you choose from the files you don’t use, moving them to trash or to the specified folder or deleting at all after the specified amount of non-use time. And you can choose files that should be kept during these clean ups using GLOBs or the keeps list. Features: * Per-folder settings: use different clean up actions, periods, GLOBs for different folders. * Choose the action for the unused files: unused files can be moved to trash, to the specified folder or deleted at all on per-folder basis. * Specify amount of non-use time, after which the file will be considered as unused one. * GLOBs can be specified and only the files matching or NOT matching the GLOBs (depending on the strategy you choose) will be removed. * Choose files that should be kept even if they weren't used for the specified amount of time * Drag and drop folders to the folders list or files to the keeps list in the NuClear Folder's preferences window or onto the status bar icon in order to add them to the corresponding lists. * History: keep an eye on what NuClear Folders has done. * NuClear Folders can clean up from hidden files too. * Clean up confirmations: NuClear Folders can ask for the confirmation to do clean ups. * Enable/disable: NuClear Folders can be disabled if you don't need it at the moment.