Nuclear Hack INC. – War Simulator

OS X 10.7
Hack into the Global Defense Network and start a nuclear war! 'Nuclear Hack INC. - War Simulator' is a fun and fast-paced strategy simulation game. Hack into the Global Weapons Defense Network, take control of the worlds nuclear missiles and start a nuclear war to wipe out the human race! 'Nuclear Hack INC. - War Simulator' combines strategy simulation, turn-based brick breaker gameplay and unique power-ups. Work quickly to hack all the networks without being detected, earn hack points to aid your mission, upgrade your nuclear missiles, choose the targets for a nuclear strike and then launch your attack! Can you achieve total annihilation? 'Nuclear Hack INC. - War Simulator' is an exciting twist on the popular 'Pandemic' / 'Plague' type strategy games. FEATURES: - Three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard & Brutal). - Strategic turn-based brick breaking hacking levels. - Earn hack points to spend on power-ups or to upgrade your nuclear missiles. - Upgrade your hacks with viruses, wormholes and extra balls. - Launch a full scale missile strike to bring a plague of nuclear destruction!