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If you use different browsers for different purposes and want to open links from non-browser apps in needed browsers according to these purposes then NuClear Links is for you. In NuClear Links you create rules based on host, path, query string or other URL components (for example, a rule can be defined as 'match all urls where the host ends with and the path starts with iphone'), choose the browsers which will handle links matching these rules and NuClear Links will open the link in the corresponding browser. If no rules were matched then the default browser will be used. Features: * Rule policy: choose if all, any or none of the entries should be true to make the link match the rule. For example, you can create one rule with multiple entries that will match links with different hosts or the rule that will match all links where the host begin with 'mobile'. * Open links in background: If the application in which a user clicked a link opens links in the background then NuClear Links will open them in the background too. NuClear Links can also open all links in background if the corresponding setting is turned on. Additionally, NuClear Links can override the default policy on per-rule basis. * Temporary disable rules: the default browser will be used for all links. * Turn on and off specific rule: each rule has the 'active' flag. * Expand shortened links: NuClear Links can expand shortened links created with services like and In this case expanded links will be used for the matching.