NudgeMe for SF Muni – powered by NextBus

OS X 10.7
Real-time departure times in your menu bar. NudgeMe uses the NextBus satellite system to keep you on schedule even if your train or bus isn’t. NudgeMe supports the MUNI and UCSF bus lines in San Francisco, in addition to Dumbarton Express, AC Transit and Emery-Go-Round in the Bay Area. * Live Bus Data, powered by NextBus. NudgeMe gets live GPS data from the buses so when our menu bar timer says your bus is 5min away, it's 5min away. * NudgeMe stays out of your way: - Every bus stop is assigned a schedule: if you typically leave your office between 5:30pm and 7:30pm Monday through Friday, NudgeMe will keep quiet outside of these hours. - Having a day off site? NudgeMe keeps quiet when you are far away from your bus stop. - Small memory footprint, so your computer won't even notice. * Flexible enough to accomodate your unique situation - You just want a quick glance at the ETA for nearby bus stops because you are leaving outside of your normal schedule? Click the bus icon, it's all right there in the menu dropdown. - Multiple bus stops servicing your location? NudgeMe will automatically show the bus stop that minimizes your wait time. - Need extra time to pack before heading out to the bus stop? Bump up the 'time to pack' in your settings. - By default the timer shows the time left until the bus leaves your bus stop, but if you'd rather know how much time you have until you need to head out, it's all there in the settings panel. - NudgeMe's location-based travel time doesn't suit you because you know a shortcut to the bus stop? You can override the travel time for every bus stop if you wish.A)