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Numathic Write is a powerful editor that specially designed for people who love writing, professionally or as a hobby. It provides blazing fast auto completion for words, so you don’t need to type every single character for long words. It provides shortcut for dates in various format. It provides three dictionaries: American English, British English and Canadian English, with thousands of people’s names, company names, etc. It provides syntax highlighting to popular programming languages, formats, etc. If this is not enough, you can always supply your own dictionary to speed your writing to another level. Check for how to benefit most from this new feature. Introduction: If you are a writer, then probably Microsoft Word or Pages are your choice of writing. In recent years, software engineers have been embracing and enjoying new generations of editing tools, Sublime, Bracket, Atom, Visual Studio Code, and various IDEs, for both writing code and text. Creative writers deserve no less. Numathic Write is a writing tool, bringing features, like markdown editing and previewing, syntax highlight, autocomplete, etc., that have been standard across those developer's tools into writing word in a safe, concise and simple way. This app is sandboxed just as other awesome apps in Mac App Store. It doesn't apply network access. Your writing is always local on your computers. It is a perfect tool for writers to embrace new way of creativity. Highlights and Ideas An Editor Designed for Writing - Data Stays Local We recognize the fact that writings need more protection than other digital assets. So, Numathic Write doesn't send your craftings in anyway out of your computer. It never will. - Security and Privacy are Top Priorities, not Afterthought Security and privacy come with costs. One of them is convenience. Whenever comes the need to have a cloud enabled writing package to provide a seamless writing platform across devices and platforms, a new product will be created instead of morphing Numathic Write into a software package with different goals. You can always trust this writing tool in which you invest and believe. - User-driven, not Data-driven It doesn't track your usage. We believe in and trust our community and users to give us valuable feedback then mining user's behaviours. Please send us feedback and suggestions. We are improving this tool. Be sure to upgrade and check the coming features.