Odesi – Smart Music Production

OS X 10.10
Odesi is the fastest way to write Melodies, Basslines, Chord Progressions and Beats. You can create the MIDI structure of your track very quickly, and then finish your music production inside your favorite DAW. Odesi speeds up your workflow by making the creation process MUCH FASTER. When you’re done with your Odesi session, you will have a 100% composed track that’s ready for production. All your melodies, basslines and chord progressions will be finished. Features: 1) Works with every DAW on the market, including Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools and more 2) Helps you create the MIDI foundation of your track 3) Lets you customize your chord progressions and come up with truly unique-sounding chords 4) Change the Key and Scale of your composition anytime and your entire project will be transposed to the new key. Decide for yourself if you like your music better in Minor or Major keys 5) Apply rhythms to everything. Odesi comes with a bank of hot rhythms used in today's latest electronic, hip hop, rock and pop music ------- Do you have any questions or do you need support? We're always around to help: contact@odesimusic.com Make some great tracks and share them with us!