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Translate entire documents in multiple formats like PDF, DOCX, HTML between English, Spanish, Italian and French. Search words and phrases in dictionaries with over 120,000 entries. How it works: The Offline Translator is an intelligent program that works not by interpreting individual words one by one, but by translating text in phrases and sentences, taking grammar and idiom into account. To achieve the final translation, it conjugates verbs, establishes agreement between nouns and adjectives, and reviews language patterns so the resulting sentence is clearly translated. And because the translator translates whole documents at once, it saves you a lot of time and effort. The Offlline Translator has extra capabilities for the demanding user. It allows checking the original document for spelling errors and corrects them before translation. It allows you also to edit the on-board dictionaries as you work. These features result in a better quality translation with every use because the software remembers and applies your changes automatically the next time. Features: - Translate documents in multiple formats: PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT, etc. - Translated texts preserve original format. - Search words and phrases in dictionaries with over 120,000 entries. - Spell check tool included. - Program recognizes grammar rules, sentence structures, idioms and patterns. - Customize translations of words and phrases and save them to user dictionaries. - Save the translated file in multiple formats. - Internet connection is not required. Language Pairs Included: - English -> Spanish & Spanish -> English - English -> French & French -> English - English -> Italian & Italian -> English - Italian -> Spanish & Spanish -> Italian - Italian -> French & French -> Italian - Spanish -> French & French -> Spanish