One World Dictionary

OS X 10.6
Multilingual Dictionaries for English to Spanish, French, German & Italian ☆ Free Version includes over 100,000 Translations, 1,000 Phrases & 5,000 Verb Conjugations ☆ Comprehensive Dictionaries, Phrase Books and Verb Conjugations available as in-app Purchases ☆ Audio Pronunciation One World Dictionary by Ascendo is a leading multilingual reference tool for Apple computers. The free version is a good starting point for beginners. It includes over 100,000 dictionary translations, 1,000 phrases and 5,000 verb conjugations in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Extended dictionaries and phrase books are offered as in-app purchases. The extended dictionaries are comprised of over 250,000 translations 6,000 verb conjugations per language pair. Translations include multiple meanings, part of speech, noun gender and verb tenses. One World Dictionaries integrate with Lion applications such as Safari so you can lookup words using control-click. The extended phrase books include 528 phrases per language pair in 20 categories. You can add your own phrases and search by keyword. BENEFITS ☆ Find words quicker than fumbling through a paper dictionary. ☆ Works offline so it’s always available. ☆ Integrates with other applications so you can lookup words quickly and easily. FEATURES ✓ Dictionary includes thousands of the most used words in English, Spanish, German and Italian (free version). ✓ Extended dictionaries provide comprehensive databases comprised of over 250,000 translations per language pair (in-app purchases). ✓ Single searchable word index so you don’t have to switch language to find a dictionary word. ✓ Dictionary translations include multiple meanings, part of speech and noun gender. ✓ Verb conjugations in all major moods and tenses. ✓ Phrase books include over 200 phrases per language pair, over 1,000 in all (free version). ✓ Extended dictionary includes 528 phrase per language pair (in-app purchases). ✓ Search phrase book by keyword. ✓ Add, edit and delete your own phrases. ✓ Text-to-speech audio is provided in English. Lion users can download free text-to-speech engines for Spanish, French, Italian and English. ✓ Lookup words while using applications like Safari, TextEdit and many others by right control-clicking on a word and selecting “Lookup in One World Dictionary”. ✓ Lookup finds conjugated forms of verbs which make up a large part of any language. ✓ Change text size with one click. See our web site at Questions or suggestions? Contact us by email at