OneOunce Baby Feed Tracker

OS X 10.9.5
OneOunce is designed to help new parents keep track of their little ones milk in-take. However you are feeding your baby, OneOunce can help you track feed time, amount and preference. Breast feeding, formula/bottle feeding and combination feeding are all supported. Being a new parent is a shock to the system however well prepared you may have been. Which is why OneOunce is quick and simple to use. Your little ones feeds are easy to input with just a few clicks. Breast Feeding OneOunce helps you keep track of the time your little one spends feeding and if there is any preference between breasts. Allowing you to easily keep track of which breast you should offer your little one next. Bottle Feeding OneOunce helps you keep track of the amount of milk in-take and the length of feeds. With helpful little stats such as the average daily bottle amount, helping you see if your little one is feeling a little off today or is starting to drink more. Personalised You can easily enter your little ones birth date and birth weight into OneOunce. You are then shown how many weeks and months old your child is and what weight they were at different points in time. You can use imperial or metric and even interchange if you like. OneOunce will convert any values you've entered from ounces to millilitres and vice versa. Weigh in pounds or kilos. Add a Photo Tracking feeds may be a chore you only do to make sure your little one is eating enough. But why not add a picture of their first smile or cheeky grin. Making your copy of OneOunce truly yours. Safe and Private Everything you put into OneOunce is completely private and stored only on your computer. No data is ever sent anywhere, period.