OneTrack Bug Tracker

OS X 10.9
OneTrack is a bug/issue tracker designed for individuals and small teams. If you are a web developer or software developer, OneTrack can help you manage your project with ease. Straight Forward OneTrack has been designed to be simple. Software development is complex enough without having to fight with a bug tracker. From the moment you download OneTrack you can start tracking bugs. There is no complex setup and everything is presented in a easy to understand format - no jargon. Unlimited Projects & Issues There is no limit on the amount of projects, issues or bugs you can create within OneTrack. There are also no limits on how long you can use the app. If you buy Version 1, you’ll still be able to use Version 2 or Version 3, 4, 5 & 6 for that matter. Pay once, use forever - not a single subscription in sight. SQL Query Storage Working on a project that is making multiple changes to your SQL tables? OneTrack can store all your changes and export them into one simple update file, ready to be used on your production server. SQL statements can be stored within multiple issues and will all be pulled together to help make your life easier. Reports OneTrack can generate numerous reports that are ready to be printed or saved as a PDF. Our release notes report allows you to write user friendly comments as you work on each issue. OneTrack can then pull all these comments together into one final release note document. Making your life easier and meaning you never have to ponder what those changes were that you completed a month ago. Offline & Private OneTrack is completely offline. Everything is stored securely on your computer. No internet connection is required and OneTrack will never call home. Auto Saved Multi-tasking is easy with OneTrack. Everything you write is saved – so you can pick up right where you left off. Quickly jump between issues without having to worry about saving. Other Features: • Milestones • Roadmaps • File Attachments • Backup/Restore