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With the Online Note can you write 5 notes of every kind. The most important function thereby is the calling of the notes from every internet device (iPhone, iPod Touch, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Handy, Netbook, Netpad, MID, UMPC, PC, Mac...). The data is stored online in a database and is every time available for you. A Cloud Service from Pocketkai. Technical Data: - 5 Notes with up to 32.000 Chrs - Internet-Connection required - Transmission of few data (Text) - Share the note: Calling on another device (PC, Mac, Cell Phone...) - No passing of data to other people - Settings: email-Adress or a name - Hint (LINK) for calling on another device - The transmission is save, using SSL (https) Example: You are going out in the morning, with your iPhone. Your Partner writes at home on the PC or Mac a shopping list into Online Note. Then, underway, you run the program and see this Online Note and can also edit that note. So you have always access to actual personal informations and can share these. Use: Write down your Text and press above or below on 'save'. Hints: Your eMail-Adress or a password is required to assign the note correct and in order that a data record for your note can be provided. Require: - Internet connection - MacOS 10.x