OnScreen Barcode Scanner

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Scan barcodes direct from your Mac's screen using this handy barcode reader. Ideal for checking your barcodes without having to print them out for use with a cumbersome hand scanner. Simply click the "Scan" button and select the screen area to scan. It's as easy as taking a screen shot. OnScreen Barcode Scanner will display the type and number of any successfully detected barcodes in the selected area. Supported barcodes are: EAN-8 EAN-13 UPC-A UPC-E ISBN Some tips and hints: • Barcodes should be the approximately the right way up to scan efficiently. • Large barcodes scan better than small ones. Zoom in if possible. • If there is more than one barcode in your scanned area then you will get details for each unique barcode. Duplicate codes are only be shown once.