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Ooo is an images viewer that just fit your needs, its simple, fast and with powerful features. We spent a lot of times and a lot of tests on this project just to figure out how to combine speediness with powerful functionality, And we came out with Ooo powered with Image VH Layers Idea, That is, Loading parts of the image for faster loading and faster cancellation to cutdown current loading time for loading next image. WHY OOO • A lot us don’t have the time for organizing images and photos in libraries, with Ooo it is not a big deal. • Lost images somewhere in your internal or external hard drive. • Have a lot of folders with subfolders and you just want to see them all organized in beautiful Interface design. • Find a certain image with ease. FEATURERS • BROWSING: ⁃ Fast. ⁃ Support many image formats. ⁃ Play animated GIF. ⁃ Play animated PNG. ⁃ A thumbnail and a player for animated Images. ⁃ Zooming ⁃ Image VH Layers Idea (For fast loading). • SEARCHING FOR IMAGES: ⁃ Searching in folders and subfolders (Optional). ⁃ Searching in applications (Optional). ⁃ Searching for hidden images (Optional). • NAVIGATE: Because Ooo can load thousands of image faster and with hight performance, navigating thru images easily is needed. ⁃ Navigator joystick: Our elegant idea for smart navigate. ⁃ Navigator bar. ⁃ Thumbnail. • FIND A CERTAIN IMAGE: ⁃ Search images by name. ⁃ Sorting images by name, image type, file size and date. ⁃ Find image by its color. • OTHER FEATURES: ⁃ Image metadata. ⁃ Simple and Beautiful User Interface. note: more features coming soon.