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Open Access Helper will identify > 23,400,000 free scholarly articles from over 50,000 publishers and repositories to help you overcome the paywall imposed by many scholarly publishers, right within Safari. Each Open Access found within the extension is a legal and trustworthy copy. Privacy and transparency is important to me, so please read on to learn more. As a Safari App Extension, the app identifies the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of an article and queries API for a legal Open Access copy, based on the identified DOI. If one is found, an orange button is added in the top right of the page - click it to access the article. If you are on the Open Access version already, this icon will turn green. Highlight text on a page and use the context menu to start an Open Access search at with just a click of the mouse. For users of "Voice Over" an Aria-Live-Region is used to announce the changes on the page, additionally, you can use a keyboard shortcut: ctrl + alt + o to utilize the functions of the app. Accessibility is hard and I would value your feedback on how well this works for you. PRIVACY PROMISE I, as the developer of the app, get none of your data. All the app logic happens within your browser and the Safari App Extension itself. Subsequently, I have no metrics to help app development and thus rely on your direct feedback. As I have no metrics, I also have nothing to sell - to me this is a clear privacy win! You don't need to trust my word for this privacy promise. The code for the app is on GitHub and I invite you to check it out. Visit the Website / Support links to access the app homepage and navigate from there to the Github repository. If you wonder, how I make money on this, there is an easy answer: I don't. This is my hobby and I am really enjoying it! I am learning a lot with every new version, so that's my reward and if you were to drop me an eMail with a suggestion or two, that would also count as a reward... ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank the providers of and for providing an awesome service to the scientific community worldwide.