OrgChart – Organization Chart

OS X 10.11
Simplify organization chart maintenance, presenting, synchronization and sharing, without the complexity of drawing hassles - OrgChart will help to draw the shapes and lay out the items automatically. Exporting organization charts as PDF, Image, MindMap and CSV files helps better presenting and communicating; Synchronizing organization charts across multiple devices via iCloud Drive OrgChart is THE easy to use organizational chart app for the macOS. Visualize, maintain and simplify organization items in a TREE structure. * NO NEED to DRAW the shapes, lay out and connect the items - OrgChart automatically draws them. Simply enter an item and the maintenance panel will helps to customize item color, shape, size, text visibility and layout * NATURAL mouse GESTUREs use on the clean and smooth user interface makes project maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before * Advanced user interface based on OrgChart for iPad, and be more intuitive to move items on Chart panel * Organization charts can be sync across iOS and macOS devices via iCloud drive. * Organization charts can be exported as Image, CSV and PDF files * Importing from macOS contacts, copy department to other apps as image * Save partial chart as a new chart * Change visual style of existing chart in SECONDS to minutes OrgChart the innovative app to turn COMPLEXITY INTO SIMPLICITY — EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE — · NO drawing, just specify the visual styles of the items · Outline panel acts like grid · Gantt Chart panel supports mouse gestures · Updating (property) panel · Well designed keyboard shortcuts · Apply visual style to all child items · On a clean user interface — STRONG MAINTENANCE — · Document-based app supports multiple projects maintenance · Intuitive gestures on Chart panel to move/copy departments by dragging · Mouse gestures to change department outline level, to move departments, to collapse/expand groups · Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop across organization windows · Drag/Drop photo editing, support face detection · Department properties updating - Photo, Unit name, Job title, Leader, Phone, Email, Notes · Lock editing · UNDO support · Copy/Paste support · User interface customization options to user — FLEXIBILITY — · Department fields title and visibility customization · Department fields visibility · Department item color · 9 layouts (customize the layout of child items) · 8 shapes · Size · 3 line styles — REPORTING — · Exporting as image, CSV and PDF files (with PDF exporting options for PDF page size and zoom) · Exported as colorful or black/white (Automatically align with the current display color style) · Save partial of organization chart to a new chart — SYNCHORIZATION — · Sync organization charts across iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive - SHARING - · Share project as .org file in your way — INTEGRATION — · Save as OPML file (mind map file used by iThoughts app) · Drag from macOS contacts · Copy / Drag to other apps as image · Drag image from other app to change photo OrgChart is designed for easy the creation of organization chart by avoiding complex drawing - all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning, the best and only useful organization chart app for the Apple Devices. TYPICAL SCENARIOS: - Create organization chart for communication and presentation - An option to manage personal contacts in a tree structure - Change visual styles of existing organization chart IN SECONDS, for different communication purposes - Export partial of a big organization chart to present - Clean up the organization charts of customers, vendors and etc. - Construct a project team / new department / new team - Track the basic information of people in your team (ad) OrgChart for iPad is at (ad) iPhone edtion is at