Orphan Black: The Game

OS X 10.9.0
Dive into a dark and twisted puzzle-adventure that retells the pivotal events of Orphan Black. Orphan Black: The Game, is a turn-based adventure puzzle game based on the hit television series Orphan Black, which chronicles the mystery surrounding a sestrahood of clones who find themselves part of a global conspiracy pushing the boundaries of experimental science technology and ethics in human cloning. Players guide their favorite clones through a series of challenging puzzles set in the Orphan Black world as they work together to relive elements of the TV show as told through a fever dream. • Play as Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Beth, MK, Katja, Tony, Krystal, Delphine Cormier • Play 14 worlds with over 110 levels filled with puzzles and traps • Beautiful, third-person isometric art • Trigger Traps, Sliding Floor Panels, Laser Doors, and more to evade or dispatch enemies • Clear levels in as few steps as possible