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For the Health of your Mac! (Perfect support for macOS High Sierra) OS Cleaner scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and helps you maintain your Mac’s health. Scan & Monitoring --Free 1. Scan and list all the useless files. 2. Monitoring CPU and Memory. 3. Fast Cleanup(Clean up System Junk). Additional Tools --Free 1. Adware Doctor: Detect and remove all current adware and malware for the Mac and will be updated to support new malware and adware as they come out. 2. App Viewer: Display applications information such as copyright, application version, application size, required operating system, etc. 3. Arp Cache: Clear or Flush Arp Cache in OS X 4. Crashed Applications: View your list of crashed applications and remove diagnostic reports to free more space. 5. Check firewall status in os x. Clean & Free up memory & Shred & Uninstaller & Privacy & Extensions --(In-app purchase required-$9.99) 1. Clean up the useless files.(iTunes junk,Aliases Files,Mail Attachments,Duplicate Files,Large & Old Files) 2. Free up memory. 3. Shredder (Erase any unwanted files or folders quickly and without leaving a trace.) 4. Uninstaller (Remove entire applications, including all of their associated files. and Resets applications to initial state.) 5. Privacy (Easily clean up your chat history from Messages. and Instantly remove your browsing history, along with traces of your online and offline activity.) 6. Extensions (Remove any of your undesired browser extensions and screen savers safely.)