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"OscilloScoop Is Interactive, Music-Making Eye Candy" -- AppAdvice.com **The Top Ten Music App from iPhone and iPad is now available for MacOS** With OscilloScoop you sculpt musical grooves by gliding over spinning crowns, creating real-time EDM music with a few swipes. As effortless as a toy, OscilloScoop gives you the tools DJs and electronic musicians use to create intricate grooves, with an intuitive interface inspired by video games. OscilloScoop features four custom presets that combine spinning digital filters and quantized note patterns with preset tempo, volume, color, and animation. Cut into each of OscilloScoop’s spinning crowns, or expand into colored sonic landscapes to draw waveforms and build up original tracks. Designed by award-winning interaction designer Lukas Girling, OscilloScoop comes to you from Snibbe Studio, creator of the bestselling apps Bubble Harp and Gravilux, Philip Glass and Beck’s REWORK_ App Album, and producer of Björk’s Biophilia App Album. YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99YGHVimook © 2013 Snibbe Studio OscilloScoop uses the FMOD Ex Sound System by Firelight Technologies