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Watch IPTV from your ISP or from other sources on phones, tablets, set-top box or TV!And all this is with centralized control via the website! App features: . Supports protocols: HLS, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP . Playlist support M3U8 . Easy management of playlist icons for channels . No ads CAUTION THIS SOFTWARE DOES NOT CONTAIN TV CHANNELS AND IS AN INSTRUMENT FOR EASY VIEWING OF IPTV. To use, first of all you will need a list of channels (m3u8 playlist). You can get it from any your convenient source (your ISP, Internet Service Provider IPTV). 1. You need to create an account on the site; 2. Insert registration information in the application - login and password; 3. Download the playlist to the (previously downloaded from your source); 4. Snap the device to a playlist. 5. Enjoy watching!