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Outbox Pro makes it fast and easy for you and your team to post on social networks! WHAT IS IT? Outbox Pro allows everyone in your organization to create real-time and scheduled posts on social media. Outbox Pro enables any group of people — you decide who — employees, vendors, and even customers to write and publish with the security of centralized approval, tracking, and management. WHO'S IT FOR? Outbox Pro is for any group of people who wants to increase their social media ROI by empowering one person, some people, or everyone to write and post on social networks. WHAT'S IT COST? Outbox Pro costs just 25 cents a post. That's it! Planning your 2017 social marketing budget? Outbox Pro makes it easy whether you're a small company who posts 4x a day (total cost? a buck a day!) or a global powerhouse who posts 40x a day (total cost? just $10 a day!).