Intel 64 / OS X
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OutlineEdit helps you keep your ideas structured and collected. Use OutlineEdit as an empty canvas to sketch information - for learning, working and planning your projects. And highlight text on web pages using OE Marker for Safari to directly open it into a new outline. Collecting information on the web has never been that effortless. Works like you expect it to: set an outline title, create new items, then structure them using indentation and drag & drop. Use group selection to get your task done even faster. Use bold, italic or underlined text to add expression to your notes. Color labeled categories highlight and connect information. Then filter for all items of one or multiple categories to get an overview and to export them directly. OutlineEdit provides a wide set of statistics, always at a glance: number of items, layers, words or characters and even track the time you have been working on your document, down to the minute. Dynamically appearing guidelines in OutlineEdit helpfully indicate which layer items are indented to. Built-in tools for window management arrange open documents in ideal order - this makes working with multiple windows even more effortless. Let an outline window float on top of all opened applications for quick access to the document while you are working on it - for example while researching on the web. Export your outline to a paginated PDF file - of course including notes and categories. Import and export OPML files. Copy an outline as plain text to send it via e-mail or for use with any application.